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Undeads Mystery Boxes

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Epic battles never cease to capture the human imagination. In Undeads, it’s Humans versus Zombies to the bitter end! Both fractions are fighting for their perception of the future. Who will emerge victorious, and what will the victor's world become? Buy a Mystery Box with a potion and start the new Zombie Apocalypse.

With each Mystery Box, you get the opportunity to acquire one of 6666 potions with a specific rarity. Each potion has the probability to unlock a unique Zombie character. The box can be purchased, listed, or traded on the open market. Make your first step into the Undeads Metaverse now.

Or buy a Legendary Box and receive guaranteed a fifth-grade potion with one of the 11 unique in-game NFTs with advanced stats, damage, and luck coefficient. Legendaries will have unique special abilities, that will grant you an advantage over the other players.

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