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Imogen Heap x Endlesss : Firsts

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In 2015, before Ethereum was fully formed, Imogen Heap made the First art sale on the Ethereum blockchain - her song ‘Tiny Human’. With music, art and a smart contract to split payments to contributors, that sale embodied most of what we now know as NFTs.

The Firsts Collection is Imogen’s landmark return to the medium she pioneered, and sets the bar for what digital art can and should be.

Each “First” is a snapshot of a once-in-forever musical moment that emerged from improvs with fans and friends on Endlesss, the online live-jam platform, with visualisations by Andy Carne.

Using Arweave, the world’s only truly permanent storage platform, their support of Nori’s carbon removal market and their inclusive, sharing spirit, these NFTs are sure to become the Crown Jewel in any digital art connoisseur’s collection and be the First of many who follow their lead.

Proceeds from this sale, and 10% of future sales, will go towards projects supporting creative communities and carbon removal.

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