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REPLICATOR by Mad Dog Jones

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Welcome to REPLICATOR: the world's first self-replicating NFT

Only one Genesis REPLICATOR NFT will ever exist. Out of this Genesis REPLICATOR, up to 7 generations of unique NFT artworks will be produced. Each generation will advance the story of the artwork through time.

How it works: Each REPLICATOR NFT can create a limited number of "prints" every 28 days, which are NFT’s themselves. Each print will either be a next generation REPLICATOR NFT or a Jammed print NFT, based on contract probabilities. If a print is a Jam, it can be one of multiple variants, but can no longer create more NFT's. Any print created by a REPLICATOR goes to the owner of that REPLICATOR.

For more information, visit The auction for the Genesis REPLICATOR NFT takes place between April 12-23, 2021 at Phillips auction house.

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