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Notorious Frogs

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The Frogs are 10,000 citizens of the metaverse. They live. They scheme. They revel. They aspire. They are Notorious. And now they have LSD.

Check out the Land Synthesis Devices (similar to a land deed) here:

A picturesque peninsula, Frogland is the founding district in the NewPangea metaverse. Destined to be home to all who strive to discover, they inhabit a world where beauty and danger make it possible to create art and story, fulfilling the desires of all NFT projects seeking a new life.

NewPangea is a metaverse built on ideas, artwork, narrative and utility sourced directly from Frogland and their partner communities. The Gutter Cat Gang, 0N1 Force, and the Wicked Craniums are the first to join the frogs in NewPangea. Each partner will have their own individually curated district in NewPangea fully customized to their aesthetic and lore, filled with content sourced directly from their communities.

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