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Zombie Ape Artist

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0% Royalties. ZOMBIE APE ARTIST MINT IS LIVE NOW:"Today is 5/5/55 (5th May 2055). Ethereum is the global currency, Ethereum mining farms are built everywhere. Digital arts are the most popular type of artwork, while physical artworks are no longer valued. In a freak Ethereum mining accident in the Amazon, 100 tons of mining equipment caught fire and collapsed into the banana forest. Apes ate these bananas, that infused with the quantum code of the smart contract, burrowed into the brains of their hosts, and endowed the Apes with Artist's skills and Art sense, thus creating the Zombie Ape Artist. See the context of artwork in this time, Zombie Apes lead a revolution to spread the message: Make the Physical artworks great again. They draw 5,000 pieces of art, then minted to NFTs in order to viral the message to the world. If you hear it but don't mint the NFTs, the Zombie Apes will come and turn you into a Zombie"

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