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The Genesis Period marked the inception of the DIGITALAX Platform, where 500 Genesis MONA NFTs were issued for the initial platform governance.

Mona Vir (Represented in the Genesis NFT metadata) is Crypto’s first digital. She isn’t just a girl, she is a purely digital girl. She is native to the Ethereum blockchain and represents our future lives and interactions across digital economies, digital worlds and 3D virtual environments.

DIGITALAX is the first dedicated Digital-Only Fashion Auction Exchange Platform and Open Source Digital Fashion Toolkit. We are bringing new industry standards around digital goods, Open Digital licenses, digital fashion pricing transparency, digital supply chain automation and addressing core problems around NFT liquidity and stability. We are positioning as THE first digital fashion NFT engine built on the Ethereum network for all gaming, VR and metaverses. Check out more of our exclusive and amazing digital fashion designs at

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