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GLUEWAVE by Realimposter is a series of 81 artworks that capture the pastel and sun-rising essence of pop culture's vaporwave. Each art piece is composed of rubberized statue fragments that are magnetized towards one another other, culminating in collision and disarray.

These 81 GLUEWAVE artworks are special, not just for their entrancing details, but for their ability to propagate. Underneath all the chaos is a DNA sequence that encodes the top, middle and bottoms statue fragments. During the breeding period (AUG 27 2021 - NOV 27 2021) a triplet of artworks can comingle their DNA and generate a new piece, one never-before-seen.

GLUEWAVE collectors can intelligently breed their pieces and reassemble their statues. However, this feat will not be easy; completed statues will be exceedingly rare. Those who seek an even more arduous challenge can follow the secret dragon path, where unrevealed statues are unlocked.

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