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Absurd Arboretum Phase 2

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The Absurd Arboretum is a collection of 3333 unique trees.

Each procedurally generated tree is not only a digital, non-fungible token living on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token and materialized as a piece of animated audiovisual art, but also a representation of planting a seed in the physical world; furthermore, it acts as your membership token as a guardian of the collective space, with rights to any future arboretum-only benefits as well as invitations to arboretum-wide endeavors.

The guardians will not only receive the video files in .mp4 format, along with high quality images, but also be granted full commercial rights to these assets they own. The arboretum will be the first act in the trilogy of the Capsule Vault universe as the vault contains many other types of capsules yet to be spawned.

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