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Liminals by Travis LeRoy Southworth

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‘Liminals’ is a series of 1024 conceptual works that form an abstract story through transitional moments in an evolving digital culture, spanning from the early days of the internet to the rise of CryptoArt and NFTs.

‘Liminals’ take their name from the word liminality, developed by Arnold Van Gennep in his 1908 book Rites de Passage. An anthropologist, Van Gennep focused on rituals in small scale societies and identified categories of rites that resulted in a change of status for an individual or social group.

Each title is unique and constructed to have multiple readings, some are more obvious ‘Global Identity’, while others can be more poetic ‘Infinitesimal Interludes’ or give a glimpse of a secret ‘Almost There’.

No rarities, just art. I wanted people to respond to the image/title and have a connection, a moment, an experience they decide is important (rare), instead of a random property.

Images are 3000 x 4000px JPGs, stored on Arweave with metadata. Contract through Manifold.

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