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The Walking Dead Lands Signature 3D Avatars by Orange Comet

The most memorable and iconic characters from The Walking Dead (TWD) are being immortalized as Avatars. A TWD Avatar NFT is one of the 4 essential NFTs to activate the gamification of The Walking Dead Lands, a post apocalyptic open-world-build-and-earn experience based on the Walking Dead Universe. Each Avatar features life-like 3D hand-sculpted recreations of some of the show’s beloved and infamous characters in varying poses with five rarity levels ranging from Uncommon to Legendary. The rarity and characters of the NFTs will be revealed at a later date, however, expect to see Michonne and her pets, Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Mercer, Carol Peletier, and various soldiers from the Commonwealth and the CRM. What secrets do the Avatars hold in this universe? Time will tell once the world unlocks in 2023. Grab an Avatar today to help rebuild the world.

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