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Tom Sachs Rockets

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Tom Sachs Rocket Factory is a trans-dimensional manufacturing plant: we use NFTs to build new NFTs. Visit: Mars Rocks Collection, Components Collection, Patches Collection and Tickets Collection.

This is a collection of Assembled Rockets. Only 1000 Rocket NFTs will be minted into existence, and each is given a unique name by Tom Sachs. Rockets may be Assembled from Component NFTs in the Rocket Factory Component Collection.

Rockets without a ‘Flame’ or ‘Pending’ graphic may still elect to launch at Choose a launch date and pay a fixed fee of 0.1 ETH. Tom Sachs Rocket Factory will then build and launch a “meat-space” Physical Rocket. Once launched, the completed Rocket NFT, its Physical Rocket twin, and the Video documenting its launch form a Holy Trinity; all owned by you.

Rocket NFT holders will gain special access to future Tom Sachs Rocket Factory phases.

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