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SUPPLY COUNT INCLUDES NEKOS THAT ARE SPIRITED AWAY, Thank you for participating in NekoSwap! <3TOTAL TRADEABLE SUPPLY : 3861Neko Nation is a world of feels, laughter & tears that soothe the spirit of those disheartened & exhausted from dealing with the sharp edges of reality.Founded by Rociel & her Catbinet, Zenavi, Vissch, Roost & Wayne. The team consists of industry artists who have worked with brands like MasterCard, McDonald’s, Samsung & IPs such as Wonder Woman, Street Fighter & Pokemon.9 legendary artists - Seerlight, Kaejunni, Nik, Jarvinart, Shavonne Wong, Ronald Ong, Kumo, Rynja, & Rociel have each created a unique 1/1 Bakeneko.These rare legendaries express each artist’s individual style. They are fully animated with music composed by Varien, a musician who’s repertoire includes John Wick 3, Overwatch, Doki Doki Literature Club & The Walking Dead.Welcome to our world of Tradition & Temptation. Elegance & Taboo.

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