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On the Edge of Oblivion by Nullish

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Inspired by the first photograph captured by a telescope of a black hole (Messier 87), embark on a voyage to the outer realms of our universe, where the very fabric of space and time is distorted by an overwhelming force of gravity in ways we cannot yet comprehend.

On the Edge of Oblivion #1 is inscribed as Ordinal 9978 giving provenance to the entire rest of the collection: f0d35042249166706470873166f2617c639f0e3a06362600a43bf31b4921025ai0Note: Total supply shown on OpenSea does not reflect the tokens bridged away forever. The count of soulbound tokens is the count of tokens forever locked away: other On the Edge of Oblivion pieces are securely inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain under ID 22,000. Inscription order is based on your ERC-721 token ID. You are able to view your counterparty Ordinal sitting safely in a Bitcoin wallet made specifically for each token on the website, and bridge to take control of it later on.

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