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LSR/CITY Drawings & Auctions by Gareth Emery

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Gareth Emery is an artist that intersects the worlds of music and crypto. As a musician, he’s been one of the world’s leading DJ producers for over 15 years, amassing hundreds of millions of streams and a social media audience of over 4 million. And on the crypto side, he served as CEO of early crypto music streaming startup Choon from 2017-2019, which he started alongside Cryptopunks founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson, setting the stage for 2021’s revolution in music NFTs.

LSR/CITY (pronounced “laser city”) is a collision between lasers, music, and digital art full of world firsts. Using the technology from Gareth’s epic laser concerts, which are seen by millions each year, Gareth and laser designer Photon filmed intricately choreographed laser shows using a variety of shutter speeds and lenses to create mind bending patterns, before displaying each show inside beautifully rendered glass cubes in a series of cities designed by 3D artist Ilya Tsvetkov.

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