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The Quantum Express by Alexis Christodoulou

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Alexis Christodoulou, a self-taught 3D artist originally from Cape Town, South Africa has spent the last 10 years building a collection of works focusing on imaginary architecture, modernist objects and utopian ideas. From a lifelong fascination of digital worlds and 3D graphics from playing video games, Alexis became frustrated with the lack of modern aesthetics represented therein. The images he creates are a simple extension of this desire to see fantastic spaces come to life that echo a more modern and clean aesthetic. What started as a humble creative pursuit, has led to international exhibitions and a design studio with a never-ending desire to innovate within the realm of 3D, product design and virtual space creation. His explorations have caught the eye of brands around the world and his ever-growing client list now includes Wallpaper, Ignant, Bang&Olufsen, LG, Facebook, Microsoft and many more.

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