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Dustland Goes Ape

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Operation Ape Exclusive Access Pass is what you need to enter Dustland Runner’s exciting new side quest featuring Dustland’s own #8222 BAYC, Buster. Dustland’s second NFT collection is on the Eth chain. NFT pass holders have exclusive access to Ape missions to earn from a dedicated reward pool which will be the highest tiered reward pool from the Dustland ecosystem. Players can also receive rare crafting items in future Ape missions. Earned DOSE tokens to be swapped to ApeCoin in the near future. With support from strategic partner Animoca Brands, Dustland Runner is OliveX’s move-to-earn (M2E) audio adventure utilising DOSE utility tokens. Players run, jog or walk to earn DOSE and get fit. Download Dustland Runner app on Play Store and App Store.

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