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####Notice: As of 4th July 2022 Actual holders count is 3085 where 72.8% of Moon Apes are Staked ####Join the Lab

The Moon Ape Laboratory Club is a collection of 8,000 incredibly well-designed apes with diverse traits which add a little something for everyone. Built around a self-sustaining community of devoted crypto enthusiasts, our main objective is to furnish our members with some of the most uniquely detailed works of art within the NFT space.

Your Moon Ape NFTs accumulate a utility “$MAL” token on a daily basis when staked. $MAL tokens are designed to function only within the Moon Ape Laboratory ecosystem, where they can be used to purchase NFTs from our other Moon Ape Lab collections. The Lab developers do not provide, nor intend to provide, a secondary marketplace for $MAL tokens.

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