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ODYSSEUM - Cyberpunk Store

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Odysseum is a world where advanced technology reigns, where two aspects are born, the Cyberpunks, the community that has taken ambitious technology above nature, dragging life itself and becoming immortal entities or specters in mechanical bodies whose intention it is taking over the world. On the other side is the Solarpunk community, these also have advanced technology, however they understood that nature is part of life and that this technology must adapt to what is natural, thus giving them a supernatural power that many do not understand where it comes, it is said that it comes from life itself, and it is she who directs them to liberate the world from cyberpunks.

A Rare Designer store Market exclusively based on the Erc20 $RARE token, using the #Cyberpunk and #Solarpunk art as the main concept.

Odysseum info: How do I get $RARE?

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