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Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

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We have recently changed to passive staking - so until all Vampires are unstaked, holder count is incorrect.

Website | Discord | Twitter | IG | Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate | Sneaky Bat Syndicate

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate consists of 8,888 Vampires living their best life in The Lair - away from any burning sunlight or pesky Vampire Hunters. The Syndicate is known for its community, as they are staked to accrue their $BLOOD Tokens! Their furry friends in the form of Bat Companions never leave their side.

All Vampire holders gain access to join SVS Alpha – the best for upcoming projects, along with the ability to mint a Pixel Version of their Vampire! Other $BLOOD Utility awaits, including Private Label Champagne, 3D Models and The Blood Pact!

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