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The first 100% on-chain breeding NFT! Babies are entirely on-chain, no external dependencies, no IPFS, no API. Just Ethereum.

To breed a baby, you needed 2 Anonymice Parents and 50 CHEETH to generate an incubator which could then be revealed after 7days. The Breeding event has now concluded and all 3,550 babies are exploring the world. 

Anonymice Babies are now evolving! 

Collect DNA chips and pod fragments, assemble an evolution pod and put a baby mouse into the pod to evolve it. All on-chain of course.

Cheeth can no longer be obtained through staking. To check if the Cheeth of your baby has been claimed for any mouse check here.

Since all baby incubators are not revealed and many baby mice are yet to evolve, final rarity numbers remain unknown until all are revealed and evolved.

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