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Supreme Kong

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Exclusive collection of 2000 Supreme Kongs.

Our community is driven on building Web3 the right way. We are focused on project development and driving real Web3 value while integrating IRL experiences to our holders. Supreme Kong gives you access to special benefits, from alpha to a powerful community of holders spanning from investors, developers, and entrepreneurs across the world.

This summer Gen 1 holders will be able to free mint a Supreme Banana providing increased yields of our $banana token & allowing you to mint Gen 2 for free for every Kong you own 🍌🦍

We host Kong NFT raffles Monday-Friday at 2PM EST as well as Mega Space Rap Battles every Friday at 9PM EST. Through collaboration we will pave a new way forward in Web3.

Dive in and experience something new.

Join our Discord to learn more:

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