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YOU by RAC x Reisinger Andrés

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RAC and Andrés Reisinger team up once again after their initial collaboration on RAC's third studio album "BOY" and the record setting "Elephant Dreams" NFT series in late 2020. Their new project "YOU" is based around the idea of objects left behind from previous relationships - those small details that feel completely mundane but intensely personal. It's about how we tie our life experiences to these minute segments of our lives and how impossible it can feel to let something go that represents them - almost like proof that it happened. It's about what you hold on to simply because if you get rid of it, you're forced to move on. At the same time, while it's sad that it ended, you're still glad that it happened. "YOU" at it's core is about the objects that keep a distant memory alive. RAC is a Grammy award winning musician and Reisinger is an award winning designer at the forefront of the new digital art movement.

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