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Anatomyland Open Editions by Aitor Throup

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Throup’s genesis NFT collection merges the artist’s disciplines of figurative sculpture, product design and intricate character development. The collection introduces the 3 central characters of his multi-dimensional project ‘Anatomyland’: Lil Yin’, ‘Lil Yang’ and ‘Good Ol’ Dom’. Each piece is a dissected fragment from the wider transformative narrative arc, and we see all character in chronological states of metamorphosis. The intricately crafted textures transform from solid earthbound state into the ethereal representation of the translucent meshes which allow our inner light to transfer to our outside world. Aitor Throup’s recently revealed and long awaited multi-dimensional odyssey is a conceptual exploration of chaos, balance and higher consciousness. The three main characters of this epic tale are conceptual representations of the human struggle to find harmony through the imbalance of life. ‘Lil Yin’ and ‘Lil Yang’ are monochromatic expressions of energetic polarity.

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