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Y-Plush Foot Print NFT

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A collection consisting of 5,000 Plush Foot Print (PFP) NFTs. There will be 20 different Foot Prints with different traits and no Foot Print will have the same amount. It will go from 1 to 8%.

The main objective of this project is to finance the Plush NFT collection which it’s its first utility.

The collection has 6 utilities so far, the second is that PFP holders are automatically WL for Plush NFT.

The third utility is that PFP holder will get Plush airdrops at a rate of 10:1 (1 Plush for every 10 PFP you hold).

Forth utility is that 30% of PFP revenue will be used for Plush NFT staking pool.

The Fifth utility is that you will be able to skate PFP itself but will have a smaller stacking pool of 10% of the revenue.

Sixth and last utility is that PFP holder can participate on holder rumbles, giveaways and activities. Plush Discord has more information about collection details and also sneak peeks of the Foot Prints Art, road maps and a revenue distribution graph.

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