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The Cro Cult

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The Cro Cult is a meme collection on Cronos for CroFam. The idea is to pay tribute to all projects, builders on Cronos and to the CroFam! The story: There was a group of passionate Cronos blockchain protesters. They met online, sharing their love for the Web3 and their desire to see its widespread adoption. They decided to get together as a group and organize protests to raise awareness about its benefits. Their leader was a guy named BigJack.cro, who firmly believed that Cronos blockchain and was the key to a better and fairer future. He was passionate and charismatic, and he managed to gather a determined group of people who shared his views, and thus he created the Cro Cult. As the months went by, the group grew in numbers and influence, holding larger and more militant demonstrations. Unfortunately, some demonstrations turned violent, with protests ending in rampages. The protesters, under the influence of BigJack, believed that this was the only way to make their voices

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