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Bounty Cro Hunters

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Welcome to the journey of BHC (Bounty Cro Hunters). A project designed with unique hunters, at all levels. Each one created individually through hand drawn designs and processed in AI.

Road Map: Stage 1. Launch of the bounty freelancers. 581 Freelancers in population. They allow access to "The Bounty Wall" where Cro can be won.

Stage 2: launch of the Bounty Hunters. Expect to see a limited population size. All individually created. The hunters again allow access to "The Bounty Wall". Each hunter is equipped with unique fire power. Mint date TBA.

Phase 3: launch of the Bounty Grand Generals. Population size, rare. Very limited supply. Expect to see even more attention to detail and unique traits. Access to The Bounty Wall at discounted prices. Mint date TBA.

Stage 4: launch of the Supreme Commanders. Population size, exclusive. With less than 10 in population they are are beyond unique and desirable. Mint date TBA.

Stage 5: The full launch of The Bounty Wall. Imagine a place you c

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