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The Invitation Letter: The World of Mutant Heroes

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In the year 2911, after a global war involving the use of mass bioweapons, all creatures on Earth, including humans, began to undergo changes. Most species couldn't withstand the power of the DNA-altering weapons and extreme radiation, leading to their extinction. Some of the surviving species began to acquire mysterious powers that had never been seen before. The food chain on Earth, destroyed by human greed, underwent unprecedented changes. Those who gained power and those who lost it had to find different ways to survive. As Earth descended into anarchy, it became a dangerous place, giving rise to countless heroes and villains.

As conflicts between heroes emerged everywhere, naturally, this small planet became a place where good and evil opposed each other. On one side were the heroes who wanted peace and stability, and on the other were the villains who enjoyed chaos. They grew their forces and quietly prepared for the final battle. And now, soon, a war will unfold with a clash of formidable forces between the two factions. What will be the fate of this planet?

- - - - - - - -

This collection consists of two types of group portrait NFTs, where legendary heroes and villains gather.

Select owners of this free collection will be added to the allowlist of the future drop 'The World of Mutant Heroes - Gen 0' to receive a discount.

Our goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem that offers diverse and entertaining activities, such as physical card games and next-generation blockchain synthesis. Discover a collection of unique and enjoyable worldviews, and reap the many benefits of the OG Collection. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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